Free URL Shortener For Non-Profits

Shorten and track unlimited links for free

Features and Benefits

Long urls can get ugly and messy. Shortened links are good for branding. That's why we've built this easy and fast to use link shortener!

Cloud Access

Access the shortener anywhere and anytime. We will never ask you to download or pay for our link shortener.

Unlimited Links

Transform your url into short and neat links that never expire.

Stats Tracking

Monitor your links in real-time that includes the total number and the countries of visitors.

SG Non-Profit Domains

Customize your shortlinks with, or for free!

Track every click to your link for absolutely free!

Understand Your Visitors

Stats and Analytics

Access the stats as simple as appending the magical '+' to any shortened links.

Start shortening links for free!

A tool exclusively built by ThunderQuote for non-profits in Singapore

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